The Basics of Design by Jesse Showalter

The Basics of Design

Learn the basics of design through a fast, fun course that will make you job ready. The fundamental basics of design include line, scale, colour, texture, shape, value and space. These are the most primary aspects that define any piece of design work.

We will cover foundational design theory

In the first half of Design for Developers, you'll learn the theory of design and get all your questions answered.

We'll cover:
  • The foundations of design
  • Design mistakes to avoid
  • Planning your projects
  • How to come up with ideas and where to find inspiration
  • The theory & psychology of color
  • The principles & anatomy of typography
  • Working with Photography
  • User experience

Then we will apply the theory to a real project

We'll take the knowledge you learn from the first half of the course (the theory) and apply it to a real design for a fictional company called Awesome Lawn Co. 

Throughout this project we'll:
  • Write a design brief
  • Create a mood board & style guide
  • Choose colors & fonts
  • Create userflow wireframes*
  • Create low & mid-fidelity wireframes*
  • Design desktop & mobile UI

* Userflow & wireframe kit included with this course so you can follow along.