I want to help you become a better creative 👍🏼
January 25, 2020

I make weekly videos sharing insights into the life of a professional designer, alongside tutorials and advice on design tools and concepts, all with the aim of helping you learn and improve as a creative. Learning design is tough, and learning to be a good designer is even harder. There's more to it than knowing all the Photoshop shortcuts, and it can be hard to learn on your own, but that's why I'm here!

My videos will always be free, but if you become a Member you'll get some extra ways to learn through my perks! From screen recordings of pieces of my process to downloadable templates to Google Hangout calls where we can discuss issues you're facing or critique your work. Just choose a membership tier with the perks you like best, and join!

Even if you can only support for a few months here or there, it would mean the world to me. If you've been enjoying my content and looking for a way to say thanks, becoming a Member is the perfect way to do it!

Your support will help me invest in new software to try out and review for you, new assets to use in my videos to improve them, and in general, allow me to put more time into my online teaching and vlogs. Plus, I'm excited to get to know you better!

Thanks for reading and for checking out my page.

- Jesse
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🤝 Supporter

$1.99 / month
$12 / year (save 50%)
This tier is for those that want to support me in the content I create. 

You'll Get
  • Your name added to a credit roll at the end of my vlogs
  • My deepest thanks for supporting me
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🥈 Silver

$9 / month
$100 / year (save 7%)
This tier is for anyone who wants some extra tips and tricks for productivity, content creation or design.

You'll get:
  • Access to perks from previous level
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Your work can get featured in series I do like "Portfolio Reviews", "ReWork" and more.
  • Early Access to new YouTube videos
  • Members only Feed with updates
  • Digital Downloads of any assets related to my design videos (eg: project files, PDF's, examples)
  • Discounts on select courses and products
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🏅 Gold

$20 / month
$200 / year (save 17%)
At this level of support I can give you personalized advice and hands on mentorship.

You'll get:
  • Access to perks from previous levels
  • Members only Live Streams each month (tutorials, AMA's, Design Critique, etc...)
  • Community only Discord Channel where you can ask me and other creatives questions
  • Discounts on all courses and products
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